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So far loving it

Great product!

It was okay. I didn’t see much of a change. I saw way more of a change in the actual human grade 5 defenders real mushroom. It gave my cane corso so much energy and pep.

My clients love it.

Real Mushrooms quality is unsurpassed, and the pricing is very reasonable.

Chaga & Cordyceps Pet Capsules Bundle

Great deal, my dogz won't eat the capsules so I open them. They are fine eating the powder mixed in food

Adding to tea every morning, dissolves well and mild taste.

I love the way it gives me energy and makes my stomach not feel bloated

Hi, I get a message saying my order was delivered but it hasn’t arrived!!

It made me so anxious and irritable. I had to stop taking it after three days. The return process was arduous, so I threw it out.

Great Quality products.

Good product, seems to be effective, I’m hardly ever sick.

Since my immune system was compromised by Covid, I started taking this blend and have not been sick since. I love this brand and trust their sourcing.

I love all my products from Real Mushrooms!

Too soon to tell.

Great company with wonderful products.

Wish it was a little less expensive.

Wish it was a little less expensive.

Wish the price was a little better.

Great product, highly recommend!

The taste is earthy and woodsy. Add this to a few teas and love it

Quality product! Real results! It gives me extra energy and puts me in a more positive mood! Highly recommend!

It works great, has a calming effect.